The Mommy Profiles How to Market to Your Perfect Mom
Punchtab | February 24, 2015

Let’s give our brains a break and let our humanity take over for just a moment.

We can measure percentages, statistics, averages and can even create predictive models, but at the end of the day, that still doesn’t humanize your target consumer and doesn’t define the essence of a consumer more than real people and real situations do.

So let’s all take a break from our big data and charts and just get down to the basics.

No Mom is created equal. Duh.

They’re evolving in front of our eyes... as is the conversation. And so are the channels on which those conversations are taking place.

Here’s our take. We can’t promise it will be the same 12 months from now. But we’re convinced this is one of the most important and reachable demographics for brands to know and understand.

Sure, there are more than 5 personas- there’s baking Moms, decorator Moms, and a whole bunch more. But we’ve laid out the most prominent. And they’re the ones you want to talk to.

The Expecting Mom, The Healthy Mom, The Working Mom, The Hyper Social Mom and The DIY Mom. So who’s your perfect Mom? Where are they? What are they talking about? And most important, how can you reach and engage them?


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