The Loyalty Divide

Acxiom and Loyalty 360 partnered to author “The Loyalty Divide” which shows that when marketers fail to connect customer data to CRM initiatives, media plans and individual customer experiences, it leads to diminished loyalty, profitability and brand value.  And, it’s getting worse; to the tune of  about $200 billion in advertising globally that’s mistimed, misplaced and mis-messaged.

Bridging the loyalty divide through better connections establishes the foundation to save brands and individual customer relationships.  These better connections are the industry’s best hope for creating a “house united,” and the ultimate winners will be customers and brands everywhere.

But, while the desire to bridge the loyalty divide is near universal, desire and ability are not the same.

Read “The Loyalty Divide” today and see how to build a ‘bridge’ with 3 fundamental “connecting” capabilities.

(“The Loyalty Divide” is an encore to a much downloaded and lauded Loyalty 360/ Acxiom paper titled, “Making Every Interaction Count: How Customer Intelligence Drives Customer Loyalty.)