The Four Myths of Video Marketing
The Pitney Bowes Team | February 14, 2017

In the world of business, ideas and technologies come and go, but video has staying power. It’s an engaging medium that’s linked to improved customer experience, and better experiences drive better business results. 

Like most new “shiny objects” in business however, video can be underestimated and overestimated; misused and misunderstood. Marketers are just beginning to understand how it can be integrated across marketing ecosystems. They’re realizing that it should be data-driven, interactive and personalized, with content adjusted by the viewer in real-time. They’re also recognizing that there are many ways to measure its impact: it’s not all about the number of views. 

Video is so popular that video marketing has become a “thing.” However, if you think of it only as a standalone exercise, you’re missing out. Get past the myths and misconceptions. Discover the extraordinary long-term potential of video to target and engage customers and prospects. 

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