The Durbin Amendment and The Resulting Opportunity for Loyalty Programs

If you need a good overview of how the Durbin Amendment impacts revenue via the new fed regulations on interchange fees, download this whitepaper.  Presented in an easy-to-digest Q&A format it provides straight-forward information on understanding on the following:

  • The differences between regulated v. non-regulated issuers
  • How interchange rates are being determined and who the players are in setting them
  • How it will impact bank customers and consumers in general; and why loyalty programs still makes good strategic business sense for Financial Institutions, regardless of size. 

Author, Steve VanFleet, has over 25 years of experience in the payments industry working for giants such as MasterCard Worldwide, First Data corporation, and now as CEO of RewardsNOW.  His insight and direct dissection on this complex issue is straightforward and extremely relevant given that new debit interchange rates take effect October 1, 2011.

Join RewardsNOW for a webinar:

Join whitepaper author,  Steve VanFleet and Mark Johnson, President & CEO, Loyalty 360, for a webinar entitled, How to Leverage Loyalty in a Tough Economy: Special Post-Durbin Insight for Financial Institutions & Why Now is the Time to Launch a Loyalty Program!, as they share philosophies and insights on the impact of the Durbin Amendment on today’s loyalty marketplace.

Date: October 18th, 2011 at 1:00pm ET

In this session, participants will learn:

  • How will loyalty programs – both for major FIs as well as credit unions and community banks – be impacted by the Fed’s new debit rules?
  • What changes will have to incorporate into these programs to make them viable, both for banks and consumers?
  • Is there a plausible scenario under which FIs can use these programs to offset losses from debit interchange caps?
  • What are the “best practices” now as it relates to loyalty in a post-Durbin world?

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain crucial insight into how best-in-class businesses are leveraging loyalty programs during this time of change.

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