The Declared Data Playbook
The Jebbit Team | August 19, 2019

76% of marketers aren’t fully confident that their data actually reaches in-market consumers.

94% of businesses suspect that their customer data is inaccurate.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine this…

A traveler wants to book a vacation three months away, in a major city with nearby hiking. She’s traveling with a group of four friends and planning on packing her camera. You’re a marketer for a top airline. So you send her an email highlighting discounted fares for flights to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Austin. She clicks on the offer to Portland, but doesn’t buy her tickets yet. You remarket to her on Facebook, showing her an ad with creative and copy touting the most photographic hikes in Portland. She clicks through to a custom landing page, showcasing the discounted fare, a photo gallery of scenic hikes, and an offer to bundle the flights and hotels for groups larger than four. She texts her friends and snags the deal.

This isn’t a marketing pipe dream. This is the power of declared data. Marketers are increasingly turning to declared data to fuel their strategies, from targeting and segmentation to personalization.

In this playbook, we’ll cover what declared data is, how it fits into the marketing data landscape, and how to get started with a declared data strategy.

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