The Best of Both Worlds: Loyalty Marketing and CX
The Lacek Group Team | April 07, 2021

Loyalty marketing and CX are stronger together by building frictionless experiences for all and creating personalized experiences for a brand’s best customers. By delivering, prioritizing, and personalizing experiences at each touch point, brands create total value by identifying, developing, and retaining best customers.

  • With CX’s all-encompassing scope (e.g., end-to-end journeys and omnichannel touch points), what does it mean for loyalty marketers—long responsible for the post-purchase customer journey, direct channels, and retention goals?
  • Both disciplines share a common goal of customer loyalty
  • Building customer loyalty requires both loyalty marketing and CX strategies to work together
  • In this white paper, the shared playbook lays out where CX and loyalty marketing can collaborate to identify, develop and retain a brand's best customers
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