The Art of the Possible: How AT&T Aligns Internal and External Customer Experience Alignment
| November 15, 2016

It now seems odd to think that, not long ago the term “customer-centricity” barely existed in the marketing lexicon. The customers themselves, of course, were always significant, but typically only as ends to a means. As long as these consumers were purchasing products and services, most brands were happy to maintain the status quo without displaying additional concern for the overall customer experience (CX).

Things have changed dramatically. Now an advanced technological landscape fraught with increasing threats of competition combined with new generations of digitally savvy and socially empowered consumers, have led brands to rethink their marketing strategies. As a result, many innovators are placing an unparalleled amount of effort and focus on the relevant and meaningful experiences that are redefining what it means to create a customer-centric culture.

This was precisely the journey that AT&T found itself on when it realized the need to make some changes to ensure ongoing and long-term operational success. However, for AT&T to optimize its customer experience, it had to manage more than just the end users of its products and services. AT&T had to think about the other brands with whom it did business and those that contributed to the overall experience. Furthermore, AT&T’s internal associates were a crucial element as well since they were also highly involved in this process and designed and delivered these experiences to customers. 

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