The 2013 Maritz Loyalty Report
Maritz Loyalty Marketing | September 16, 2013

The US is a highly developed loyalty market – considering the average number of programs per member, the percentage of consumers who participatein programs, and the number of programs operating in this market. In the US market, not unlike in other developed economies around the world, loyalty initiatives are an important aspect of the marketing mix and are an important aspect of consumers’ experiences with brands. 

From a technology perspective, consumers are ‘plugged in’ like never before, and the extent to which technology permeates our lives is unprecedented. There is a significant amount of data being produced and consumed by program Members, which is in turn creating exciting new possibilities and challenges for loyalty marketers and program operators. 

The environment in which today’sloyalty programs operate is markedly different than the environment into which they were first launched. In fact, it is markedly different than it was even just a year ago.  The pace at which today’s marketing landscape is changing is remarkable – there is a chronic torrent of macro trends exerting their influences on the market. Economic, social, technological, and political factors are affecting brand loyalty and programs, Members’ interactions with programs, how Members perceive programs, as well as the role that programs play in the lives of consumers. 

We undertake The Maritz Loyalty Report as a means of staying apprised of American attitudes and behaviors regarding participation in loyalty programs. This year, we surveyed over 6,000 consumers and captured program-level feedback on over 30 national programs across six industry sectors, including Retail Loyalty, Grocery Loyalty, Credit Card Loyalty, Entertainment Loyalty, Travel, and Hospitality. 

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