The #1 Secret to Smashing Your Email Marketing KPIs
| June 24, 2020

Read any thought leadership blog on better email marketing and you’ll no doubt get into the optimization rabbit hole, as if it was the only way to make more money from email marketing. How many characters constitute the perfect subject line length? How many calls-to-action generate the best click-through rates? What’s better, a pre-work or postwork send time...maybe even weekends? And what are the pros and cons of including images?

All of these questions are important to consider for getting your emails opened, read, and clicked. However, once you’ve read 101 Email Subject Line Tips Volume 2, its sequels, and applied its findings, the gains, however welcome, will only result in revenue gains that are the tip of a monstrous iceberg.

The most efficient way to crush one’s email marketing KPIs is to significantly grow the list of opt-ins in your database — as the more people you can email, the more opens and clicks you will be getting. To put it crudely: if you double your marketing database in the right way, you will double the amount of revenue you’re able to make from your marketing initiatives.

This white paper will arm you with the tools to do just that, showing, rather than merely telling you all the different ways to collect email marketing opt-ins across all channels; from the largest screen to the smallest ad unit, web pages to mobile, social stories to microsites.

Then we are going to take it that step further, by furnishing you with the expertise to collect more than just a name, and an email address, but a host of psychographic data points, purchase intent and preference insights so your email list can be abounding with the data you need to deliver truly personalized email marketing.

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