Ten Marketing Trends for 2012

Marketers have seen continuous change for years now, much of it driven by new and disruptive technologies. And while tremendous change brings tremendous opportunity, we see that the changes in technology are driving a reemergence of the human factor in marketing. It’s never been only about the technology, even though technology has a loud voice. But more and more, the common factor that ties it all together is how we use the technology to better engage and build relationships with other humans.


10 Marketing Trends to Watch

1. Authenticity is the new celebrity

2. Old school meets new school

3. Searching for simplification

4. Content is (still) king – but expertise rules

5. Content curation has 3 C’s

6. Experiential embraces technology across channels

7. Gamification

8. Social Local Mobile delivers mo’ and mo’

9. Understanding big data

10.The power of the crowd