Six Tips for Turning Big Data into Huge Insights

In a marketplace full of empowered consumers, people expect offers to be customized uniquely for them. Often, this simply comes down to an issue of time. Marketers that can weed out extraneous noise and make offers that are highly targeted and relevant to each customer’s preferences will be richly rewarded with higher profitability and a bigger, more loyal customer base.

Eric Williams, former Chief Information Officer at Catalina Marketing, knows a thing or two about succeeding with personalization. With his 30-year background in marketing and technology, and extraordinary success at Catalina Marketing, Williams offers sound advice for marketers on how to achieve optimal results with marketing customization.

Topics include:

·       Six ways to focus marketing on the customer and build loyalty.

·       Five ways that customers want you to talk to them.

·       A case study on how Nestle built a larger, loyal audience for Coffee-mate®.

Key Contributor

Eric Williams, Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer - Retired
Williams has served as Catalina Marketing's executive vice president and chief information officer responsible for directing strategic technology, research and development, and new applications. His 30-year background includes work in management, sales and marketing, system development and operations with retailers, software development and information technology companies.

Insights from a webinar, From Growing Pears to Growing Customers - 3 Keys to Cultivating Customers at Harry and Davidsponsored by Loyalty 360 featuring Catalina Marketing and SAS