Simplify Customer Service with 360Degree View of the Customer
KANA®, A Verint® Company | December 12, 2014

In many ways, simplicity is the key to success. By simplifying customer service processes for customers and employees, these engagements can focus on solving problems and building lasting relationships. As organizations seek to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their customers to get to know them better, two goals are paramount:

1. Simplifying desktop complexity — Removing the large number of disconnected applications on the employee desktop can eliminate redundant data entry and navigation, and helps unite customer transactions and interactions of past, present and future. Employees no longer need to Alt+Tab between screens, simplifying the employee experience.

2. Overcoming application complexity — In addition to reducing the number of applications on the desktop, removing the lengthy and cumbersome navigation sequences required to perform seemingly simple tasks for customers can help simplify and expedite service. Easy-to-follow scripts can guide the employee through a process, inserting customer data as needed. Customers can get answers resolved quickly without having to repeat themselves.

The power of addressing this combination lies in providing a unified employee desktop with a 360-degree view of the customer.

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