Anthony Hegarty, Principal at DRE Strategic Partners | July 24, 2009

According to a recent study, the number of companies reporting that they will finish at or above goal by year end 2009 is way off the number that hit the mark in 2008, which was under 90%.  According to some projections, it is entirely possible that less than 50% of sales people will hit their individual revenue goals in 2009.  So what are people doing about it?

With the almost constant deluge of bad news, knee-jerk reactions seem common.  But they only compound the problem.  This white paper discusses how to avoid the more common mistakes and what can be done to help sales people in these tough times. There are less than six months left in 2009.  The time to get it right is now.

Read Sales Leadership Mistakes to Avoid in Tough Economic Times

The author is a principal at DRE Strategic Partners in St. Charles, IL and focuses on helping startup and turnaround companies develop and deploy actionable & measurable sales & marketing plans based on sales process optimization, sales team enablement & strategic account planning.  For further information or to contact Tony directly, email:

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