Rewarding Interactions: Are You Ready for Customer Intimacy

Aimia’s most recent White Paper, “Inflection Points: Seizing the Moments in Customer Loyalty”, defined inflection points as they relate to customer loyalty, and outlined moments in the customer journey that are critical for marketers to leverage.

The company’s next piece of content, “Rewarding Interactions: Are you Ready for Customer Intimacy?” focuses on building emotional connections across all interaction points in order to drive loyalty. When companies can effectively connect with customers not just at the transaction, but also at points prior and beyond, they will build consumer trust. 

Nurturing intimate customer relations is easier said than done. In order to grow customer relationships, companies must learn to leverage interaction data, motivate customers to share their interactions, and empower customers to socially engage with brands to ultimately create brand advocacy. In this white paper, Aimia provides further insight on creative methods to excel beyond the transaction and continually reward your customers.


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