Perks that Work: The Value of Travel
The Arrivia Team | May 18, 2022

A use case for membership-based organizations


Discover how your organization can leverage travel benefits to inspire members and keep them engaged. Download this use case to learn how arrivia can help your organization deliver more options and value to all levels of your membership, keep members engaged and active, and drive growth and revenue.


Learn how your company can:


  • Embrace the power of travel. Travel benefits highly effective at attracting, retaining and engaging members.
  • Use your secret advantage. Every organization’s member base is a closed user group, making your group eligible for special rates and discounts on travel products that the public can’t access.
  • Showcase unique value. Use margin-funded discounts, exceptional closed user group pricing and advanced marketing tactics to entice new members or reward existing ones.
  • Offer plenty of options. Travel rewards are most effective when used on other travel products, destinations, and activities that members want such as cruises.
  • Take advantage of new revenue streams. Reinforce your organization’s dues or operating income with a travel-based revenue source.

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