Perk Up Your Customer Loyalty Program

Why Read this Report:

Building a strong relationship with your customers is more important than ever, and loyalty programs offer an opportunity to reward, recognize, and engage them. But the prevailing manifestation of loyalty programs revolves around points, offers, and discounts — which are just three of many potential rewards options that marketers must consider. This report explores various benefits types to help loyalty marketers select a benefits mix that boosts customer and business value.

Key Takeaways:

  • Selfish Loyalty Programs Don’t Drive Business Results The value exchange that a loyalty program offers to consumers is critical to attracting, identifying, and retaining members. If consumers don’t perceive value in the benefits you offer, they won’t participate in the program and might take their business elsewhere.
  • Select Program Benefits That will Reward, Recognize, and engage Members When it comes to benefits, marketers have myriad options to choose from, including points, discounts, experiential benefits, and more. To deepen relationships with your best customers, consider benefits that reward tangible behavior, acknowledge customer value, and engage members with the brand.