New Ways to Shop, New Ways to Engage. Four Ways COVID-19 Transformed Retail Forever
The ICF Next Team | September 29, 2021

The world is still grappling with the risk of sharing physical spaces almost two years into the pandemic, driving a massive shift in consumer expectations of retail shopping and an explosion of innovation.

The need for retailers to meet their customers – in every way they show up – is more critical than ever. As COVID-19 continues to reshape commerce, we uncover four transformative trends impacting retailers today and illustrate how businesses can expand, optimize, and adapt to meet evolving customer needs.

In this paper, we explore:
  • How to rediscover what convenience means to your customers
  • The role authenticity and shared values play in strengthening brand advocacy
  • How cross-industry collaborations can extend brand value
  • The power of leaning into communities

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