Bob Konsewicz, Strategic Consultant, Maritz Loyalty | January 13, 2010

Sales and marketing strategies designed to influence behaviors (or influencer strategies) are built upon the premise of driving deeper engagement with a brand – whether it be with consumers, channel partners, direct sales teams or employees. In consumerbased loyalty programs, engagement can be tied to how customers interact with the brand’s points-based program - Are they redeeming for rewards? Are they logging onto the website? For channel partner or sales incentive programs, engagement can be attached to the quantity and breadth of products being sold. Measuring engagement is critical to making good marketing decisions, but few people agree on how it should be defined. Many times the process is needlessly overcomplicated. However, when approached in the right way, you can ensure a financial return.

Two Stumbling Blocks To Measuring Engagement
Engagement means different things to different people

The concept of engaging people has a wide range of definitions. Just a simple Internet search on the topic will generate hundreds of unique perspectives and opinions. Some companies characterize engagement as a simple response to a call to action while other companies describe it as a strong and unwavering advocacy for their brand.

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