Measuring Employee Engagement – Intuitive Model, Robust Science

Commercial success can be difficult to achieve, maintain and grow, especially as the world becomes a smaller more interconnected global market and businesses become more complex. Developed economies face more competition from emerging ones with access to cheaper resources; new players must use everything at their disposal to create a name for themselves. Success is tenuous and everyone is looking for the elements that will make them shine – the secret ingredient that will be their own tipping point. What some companies have known for years and others are beginning to discover is that this extra ingredient is very often a person: the engaged employee.
Over recent decades employee engagement has grown in popularity and is now a concept organisations are very familiar with. Engagement is regularly incorporated into organisational people policies and strategy and any HR department worth its salt steadfastly promotes it through their business.  But how many actually truly understand the concept and how it works to create that critical tipping point?