Major Technology Company Translates Customer Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty — and Better Business
The Confirmit Team | November 03, 2017

Challenge: The company develops embedded and mobile software and operating systems that are used in hundreds of millions of devices worldwide: from smart phones and pacemakers to TV set-top boxes and digital cameras to fighter jets and commercial aircraft— even the NASA Mars Rover.

The company’s customers around the globe—companies like Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Boeing, Motorola, Mitsubishi, Siemens and Samsung—demand world-class customer support. Determined to improve the quality of its support operations, the company first partnered with the Confirmit team in 2005 to implement a customer feedback program to capture the “Voice of the Customer”, deliver hard data about customer satisfaction, and highlight areas for improvement.

Using Confirmit, the quantity and quality of customer feedback the company was able to gather increased, and the survey program provided useful operational data that guided process improvements for the technical support teams.

Customer satisfaction rates soared, and today the company is renowned for its exceptional support by both customers and partners. The company continues to conduct, respond to, and analyze data from thousands of surveys every year.

However, the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) was not satisfied that the company was doing everything it could with its customer feedback program. “I’d visit accounts, and I’d hear that our support is awesome but sometimes we were hard to do business with,” said the COO. “Or I’d hear that they wanted a solution specifically designed for their industry. That’s not the kind of input that’s covered by a technical support satisfaction survey.”

The company also saw an opportunity to translate great customer satisfaction into even better business results. “I wanted to know what actions we could take to transition customers from satisfied customers to active promoters,” the COO said. “How do we make them love us?”

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