Technology Today Complementary Suppliers Preview
Carly Stemmer Ivory and Mark Johnson, Loyalty360 | March 16, 2021

While brand marketers understand the importance of customer loyalty, there is significant difficulty navigating the complex Martech landscape. There is often a lack of understanding about what various suppliers offer, their core competencies, and the industries in which they specialize. This lack of understanding leads to noise within the industry, making it difficult for marketers to understand which partners and what technologies are a best-fit for their brand.

Brand marketers and supplier partners should use this report as the basis for a differentiated, in-depth perspective on the state of customer loyalty, an objective assessment of suppliers, and key trends within the industry, and use this perspective to work toward a shared understanding of the challenges both brands and suppliers face today.

**This complimentary download includes a preview of the Complementary Technology Suppliers section of the Loyalty360 Technology Today 2021 | Industry Report.

Complementary Technology Suppliers: These technologies are not loyalty management platforms in and of themselves, but they can significantly enhance brands’ existing Martech stacks in various ways, such as VoC, fraud and gaming detection/prevention, gamification, communities, and more.

The full Loyalty360 Technology Today 2021 | Industry Report is available for purchase here

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