Loyalty360 Executive Perspectives: Loyalty Defined

Creating engaging experiences to drive customer loyalty might be the best marketing strategy that brands can currently employ. Brands and marketers that focus on creating these experiences typically reap benefits that competitors don’t. At Loyalty360, we continue to see rapidly growing interest in all facets of customer, channel, and brand loyalty across a range of industries and verticals. Despite this, creating engaging customer experiences and loyalty still presents a major challenge for most organizations. They haven’t quite figured out how to execute internal organizational buy-in or leverage the “right” technologies and processes in a meaningful and measurable manner. 

As an unbiased, objective, and market-driven association for customer loyalty, Loyalty360 is in a unique position to help brands navigate the loyalty challenge. To understand the evolving facets of the contemporary marketing landscape, we regularly speak with brands, marketers, suppliers, and consultants in a host of industries. We speak with those who work at the frontline and sometimes in the trenches of the paradigm shift toward customer loyalty. 

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