Loyalty360 Executive Perspective: The Brand Guide to Tackling the Challenge of Data and Analytics
Loyalty360 & Aimia | February 21, 2019

Successful brands use data to direct business strategy, optimize customer journeys and craft relevant content. Join Mark Johnson, CEO, Loyalty360, and Sara Galloway, Director of Strategy, Aimia, as they dive into the challenges and opportunities brands face concerning data, analytics and their resulting output – insights. During the webinar, they’ll share from your peers who are finding success actioning on their data.

Loyalty360 members can view this webinar or listen to the podcast on Loyalty360.org here.

Key Takeaways: 

• Develop a comprehensive strategy and KPIs around data and insights 

• How brands can ensure safe collection and use of customer data 

• Indispensable machine learning tools to amplify customer insights and combat data overwhelm

• Creating insights, strategies, and campaigns from the “right” customer data 

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