Loyalty360 2019 State of the Industry Executive Perspectives Report
Loyalty360 | March 20, 2019

Creating engaging experiences that actualize emotional bonds and drive customer loyalty might be the best marketing strategy that brands can employ. As such, Loyalty360 believes that this strategy should be of utmost importance to marketers.

As an unbiased, objective, and market-driven association for customer loyalty, Loyalty360 is in a unique position to help brands navigate these loyalty challenges. To understand the evolving facets of the contemporary marketing landscape, we regularly speak with brands, marketers, suppliers, and
consultants who are in the vanguard of the industry.

What follows is a discussion of the different ideas these representatives have put forward to describe the state of the industry. Much consensus exists on how the space has changed and what strategies brands need to use to take advantage of these changes. More disagreement exists on exactly where the industry is going and what the next big thing will be within it, but even here, many representatives are working with similar perceptions. We hope that this report helps brands develop stronger strategies for tackling the industry as it is.

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