Loyalty360 2017 State of the Industry Report
| July 25, 2017

The only constant in customer loyalty is its variability. With more technologies flooding the market than ever before, brands have been forced into investment strategies that require patience, mobility, and vast amounts of research in order to find the tools and partners necessary to provide customers with an engagement experience that serves as a foundation for future loyalty.

In the pursuit of just how the market stands at this moment, we went straight to the source: the esteemed members of Loyalty360, the association for customer loyalty.

From customer data, to internal alignment, to the ever-present challenge of measurability, the questions presented to our members exemplify some of the largest issues, conundrums, and opportunities faced in the market today. Through the responses of thought leaders across a variety of technology and service suppliers in the customer loyalty and CX industries, we’ve created a comprehensive snapshot of the ecosystem as it stands today. This is Loyalty360’s State of the Industry report.

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