Leisure Travel Continues to Rebound as Interest Soars to Pre-Pandemic Levels
The ICF Next Team | February 23, 2022

Travelers’ comfort levels may vary from destination to destination—and week to week, given the rise of emerging variants—but their confidence remains strong in hotel and airline brands.

After two years of living with COVID-19 restrictions, people want a break from pandemic restraints. Now that vaccines and boosters are available, individuals have the means to better control their personal risk levels. People are eager to explore and experience new and exciting things.

Travel and hospitality brands can’t control how COVID-19 will continue to evolve and shape our world or how travelers react, but they can control how they prepare for the future.

This paper explores:

  • Increasing flexibility in earning
  • Finding new ways to recognize consumer needs
  • Thinking beyond the program
  • Enhancing function with tech

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