Kobie Quarterly Review: Financial Services Edition

Every quarter, Kobie meets with banking clients and financial institutions to discuss loyalty trends and innovative ways to drive activation and usage, increase share of wallet and decrease churn while providing new
up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. And while new online-only banks, virtual currency and banking models continue to disrupt the FI industry, one thing remains the same and that is the need for consistent positive experiences that fully engage individuals with your brand. Enter mobile and digital banking. 
Despite security concerns, mobile, social and online channels are the preferred channels for engaging with FIs. That’s why we dedicated most of this issue to the key considerations asked of us from financial institutions as they embark on building a roadmap for mobile or evolving their existing roadmap. You’ll find innovations and trends in mobile payment, mobile apps and the overall mobile experience as the hub of a two-way brand-consumer dialogue that support customer retention and other important key performance indicators. 
We also cover the steps and considerations when building a total relationship banking strategy that go beyond acquisition and some of the top benefits of integrating your loyalty platform across enterprise banking solutions. 
Using advanced analytics and segmentation strategies, we reveal how FIs can attract, understand and retain high-wealth customers. 
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