July 2023 Industry Report: Are Third‑Party Delivery Services on the Way Out?
The Bounteous Team | July 31, 2023

As third-party delivery (3PD) platforms mature, restaurants are reevaluating the value these services provide. While 3PDs offered a lifeboat for restaurants in terms of profits during the pandemic, exorbitant fees and brand dilution have spurred many brands to invest in their own delivery platforms. 

In our July 2023 Industry Report, Are Third-Party Delivery Services on the Way Out?, we’ll dive into: 

  • The pros and cons of 3PDs 
  • Which company currently dominates the 3PD market
  • How restaurants can compete with 3PDs 
  • Creative examples that boost loyalty and engagement 

This research was compiled by the Bounteous restaurant and convenience strategy team.

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