Integrating Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty
The Lenati Team | October 23, 2015

Integrating Customer Experience and Customer Loyalty

Part One: Building a Customer-Centric Organization

Businesses are making the shift toward a customer-centric operating model. As markets and channels have evolved, products and services have become less differentiated. Customers have more options and more ways to connect with brands. Companies now have the greatest opportunity to deliver value through customer experience to drive buying decisions and customer loyalty. For this to work, the entire organization needs to center on the customer.

Download this presentation to learn:

  • The shift in Loyalty Marketing with the “Age of the Customer”
  • The connection between customer experience and customer retention and loyalty
  • Five key questions that serve as an “audit” of  current-state customer experience and customer loyalty drivers
  • The blueprint for building customer-centricity in your organization

Lenati is a marketing and sales strategy consultancy that helps companies acquire, grow, and retain customers. Lenati helps clients build market leadership, whether through radical innovation or intelligent evolution.
Lenati’s services span five primary areas of expertise, including Customer Acquisition, Go-To-Market Strategy, Customer Experience, Customer Retention and Loyalty and Sales Performance.

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