Insider’s Guide to Marketing Your Restaurant on Social Media
The Xenial Team | April 23, 2018

Social media can truly move the needle on restaurant success. According to a Harvard Business Review Research Report¹ by Michael Luca, for restaurants, a one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5-9 percent increase in revenue. A report from Yelp showed that users searching for the word “Instagram” in their restaurant and food searches grew 3,000% from May of 2015 compared to August of 2017. So it’s clear that a restaurant’s online presence and reputation does in fact have an effect on its success.

In this paper, we’ve collected expert advice on everything from managing your online reputation to responding to online reviews to very practical tips for growing your Instagram following by engaging with social media influencers. In this paper, we reveal the latest tactics that restaurant owners, managers, and marketers are using to reach customers on social media. These ideas won’t break your budget, but they will require some time investment. In this extremely competitive environment, your investment in social media marketing could very well make all the difference.

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