Incentives Made Easy: The 5 Personas that Accelerate Brand Community Building
The Vesta Team | July 14, 2021

If you talk to any economist, incentives rules all. The challenge is finding the right balance between transactional engagement and tapping into deeper motivations to fuel long-term relationships with consumers.

Community Powered Marketing is a key channel to engagement, data, advocacy and loyalty. And if you know the effective ways to incentivize your members, your results will skyrocket.

We surveyed 14,144 of Vesta’s cultivated online community to understand the different personas and how to use external and internal incentives to foster engagement. Dive in to learn more about the 5 key personas and what motivates them to engage.
Key takeaways:

  • Cultivating a thriving community means identifying key motivators for consumers by driving messaging and engagement opportunities that satisfy those motivations.

  • While external material motivators are important to cut through the clutter and get a consumer’s attention, it’s critical that you identify more intrinsic motivators to entice long-term engagement.

  • Many consumers are less interested in transactional motivators and more in how your community can help them grow as a person with interesting subject matter and making them feel like they are important and belong.

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