Improving Your Player Rewards Program Segmentation Strategies to Drive Engagement

Improving Your Player Rewards Program: Segmentation Strategies to Drive Engagement, a white paper from Rymax Marketing Services, provides expertise on how to create a loyalty program that increases repeat business through segmentation and concentration in today’s competitive market. Instead of engaging all players through the same promotional vehicles and loyalty tactics, the paper illustrates that casinos must apply segmentation strategies to their base of core VIPs and High Rollers to maximize revenue and high coin-in play from this group. Casinos can benefit from Rymax’s proven expertise in capturing data and analyzing a property’s psychographics to customize a program that will boost spend and engage players to earn points instead of freeplay. Engaging those coveted VIP players with aspirational brand-name merchandise by partnering with Rymax for on-site events such as shopping sprees, giveaways, slot and table game tournament prizes, and sweepstakes is proven to increase wallet spend, player satisfaction and visitation.