Impacts of Economic Shutdown on Enterprise Analytics
The ICF Next Team | June 03, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis presents a unique and extraordinary challenge for businesses: not
only has there been a major (but temporary) disruption to revenue, but every customers’
daily routine, shopping habits, needs and buying power has been upended by stayat-
home orders.
This creates a major challenge for those businesses leaders who rely on enterprise
analytics teams and models to drive critical strategic decisions. Using pre-COVID-19
analytics and predictive models assumes no change in customer bases, which -
simply put - is inaccurate. Maintaining an analytics status-quo will drastically over or
under predict targeted customer behavior. In other words, your current model is no
longer accurate.

So, how can enterprise leaders still create personalized targeting that support
key growth strategies without accurate predicative modeling? How can they avoid even
more revenue loss from missed opportunities or incorrectly targeting customers?

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