How Vertical CDPs Accelerate Success
The Tata Consultancy Services Team | October 04, 2022

Modern marketing relies on customer data, both to understand customer behaviors and to deliver quality, personalized customer experiences. Today, marketers list Customer Data Platforms as the one system they cannot do without.  

But picking the right CDP is still a major challenge. Industry-specific CDPs can improve the chances of success by providing higher value in a shorter time with lower risk. Look for a vertical CDP vendor who understands your industry, can address clearly identified use cases, and matches your company’s situation. Above all, recognize that assembling customer profiles is just the first step towards creating value: analytics and execution are the goals where CDP value is received. 

The Customer Data Platform Institute, in conjunction with TATA Consultancy Services, has published a paper to address the needs of marketers and equip them with the information they need to take advantage of CDPs, as well as the added value of “vertical” CDPs, and what to look for when acquiring one. 

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