How to Deliver BottomLine Results with Engagement Marketing
Maritz Loyalty Marketing | December 11, 2012

Effective Engagement Marketing solutions acquire, retain and engage customers through brand experiences that influence perception, drive behaviors, build communities and promote advocacy. Gamification and email are key digital enablers that, when combined with traditional face-to-face connections, engage consumers in a more relevant way by leveraging deeper insights to build a true loyalty relationship. The true loyalty lifecycle, developed by Maritz, evolves the stages of engagement for consumers, employees and channel representatives by using the power of technology to elevate brand experiences.

Unlike traditional experiential marketing programs that are largely awareness or acquisition based, Engagement Marketing uses various online and offline formats and infuses technology to advance a brand’s ability to connect directly with the end consumer, and for that consumer to then propagate the brand’s key messaging within his/her own community. It also, finally, provides the ability to measure ROI, giving businesses a way to maximize efficiencies and target investments where they will have the greatest impact on results through effective Engagement Marketing solutions. By including employees in the program design for very little incremental investment, companies can increase employees’ engagement to build sales and retention. This engages them in the brand experience and facilitates the Customer Experience.

This white paper is 3 in a series of 4:

1. What Every Business Leader Needs To Know About True Loyalty
2. Insider Tips to Building Next Generation Consumer Loyalty Programs
3. How to Deliver Bottom-Line Results with Engagement Marketing
4. Critical Factors to Ensure a Positive Customer Experience

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