How to Deliver Ads The Resonate with Customers and Perform for Businesses

Across industries, TV advertising dollars are shifting to online video and at the same time, more online ad budget is being reallocated from display to video than to any other medium. Online video ads engage audiences for a full 15 to 30 seconds with the power of sight, sound and motion, whereas display or search ads, which lack these features, are seen for two to three seconds at most. As video becomes a musthave tactic in the ad mix, advertisers are integrating personalized video advertising into their overall advertising strategies.

Online retailers were among the first to deliver personalized video ads that leveraged customers’ online activity, history and behavior to enable better targeting and drive conversions, revenue and brand awareness. In the past few years, other industries have begun implementing the technology to support their customer acquisition efforts, too, such as wireless carriers and cable operators. Forrester projects that the overall market for digital video advertising (including traditional, personalized and interactive video) will reach $7.9 billion in the U.S. and €2.6 billion in Europe by 2016.

It’s time to evolve your video  advertising to take advantage of  one-to-one communication.