How the Dallas Cowboys Win Fan Engagement
| February 15, 2017

Not long ago, most marketing efforts were confined to a relatively small quadrant of people’s lives. Mass media, marketing, and advertising freely span television and radio broadcasts as well as other forms of omnipresent marketing such as billboards, newspaper ads, and sponsorships. But these more “traditional” marketing forms have very recently been superseded by a new age of digital engagement and online social connectivity.

This evolution has been a game-changer for brands across almost every industry. Though many of these traditional forms of marketing still have their place, they certainly do not possess the same level of historical effectiveness. Alongside a wide range of new customer habits and behaviors, customer expectations are also changing. The digital, mobile, and social revolution has put the power into the hands of consumers. They now expect to be able to consume the types of products, services, and information whenever and wherever they please.

This was a major challenge that the Dallas Cowboys recently faced. Even though they are one of the most popular teams in what is, arguably, America’s most popular sport, the Cowboys were forced to rethink their efforts to increase fan engagement and to activate under-engaged demographics by adopting a more innovative approach. As a result, they began to move away from many traditional modes of advertising and more toward content-driven marketing. 

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