How Telco Leaders Measure and Optimize Personalized Video Ad Programs
SundaySky Team | July 17, 2015

Define Success Criteria and Continually Optimize to Impact the bottom Line

According to eMarketer, telcos will spend $7.13 billion on digital advertising in 2016.

As telecommunications marketers allocate more budget toward it, there’s a more pressing need to hold online video ad programs accountable. From engagement to click-through rate to viewability and more, marketers have many available metrics by which to evaluate online video ad performance. There will continue to be much discussion as the industry moves toward measurement standards, but one thing is clear: video advertising can be measured, and therefore marketers should dedicate resources to optimizing their programs.

When devising a measurement approach, it’s important to remember that personalized video lies at the intersection of brand and performance advertising: it can be held accountable to perform against conversion and revenue goals, while also delivering brand impact. Customer interest is shifted away from competing sites to deliver increased orders and revenue, as well as a measurable increase in brand engagement with a highly relevant audience. Looking at metrics including impressions, CTR, CPC, orders, spend, clicks and revenue helps service providers leverage a combination of three optimization approaches to answer different questions – visitor profile (who), media buy (who, when and where) and video content (what and how).

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