How Technology and Big Data Impacted the Loyalty Program Evolution

When it comes to customer loyalty programs, many brands are struggling to keep pace with the digital age. Brands have been slow to capitalize on new data-driven innovations 

to better engage (and retain) their highly-valuable tech-savvy customers. Yes, loyalty programs have become more common place and ultimately influence where 57 percent of consumers make a final purchase, but the tech boom has consumers wanting more from their favorite brands and loyalty programs. 

Consumers are demanding convenience across all touch points, more personalized offers and rewards for showing loyalty beyond the Point of Sale (POS). In order to remain relevant in the 21st century commerce experience, retailers and restaurants are being pushed to exceed the traditional loyalty program structure of “earn points and receive rewards.” 

This whitepaper will outline the obstacles brands must face to strengthen existing customer relationships in the digital age, which brands have a strong pulse on next-generation loyalty tactics and how technology can both help and hinder loyalty strategies.