How SOL REPUBLIC Built a Lifestyle Brand that Inspires Authentic Brand Loyalty
| December 15, 2016

Like many industries, the consumer electronics market is fiercely competitive. A seemingly infinite array of devices including smartphones, digital cameras, televisions, DVDs, tablets, wearable fitness devices, and many more are constantly flooding the market. In a time when technological advancements are constantly accelerating and gaining traction, remaining top-of-mind for many brands in this space becomes increasingly challenging. One way for brands to stand out and to remain relevant is to offer memorable customer experiences that create an enduring bond with consumers. This is a strategy that more brands are racing to adopt. Of course, this is always easier said than done.

For SOL REPUBLIC, a global consumer electronics company dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through superior headphones and audio accessories, the answer was to leverage its authentic image as a lifestyle brand to create a thriving community of actively engaged advocates. SOL REPUBLIC’s goal was (and continues to be) to design headphones and speakers that look, sound, and feel exceptionally unique. Since the company consists of self-proclaimed “music fanatics,” SOL REPUBLIC created a branding approach that linked its mission to a community of music and audio fans that were eager to align themselves with this core philosophy.

SOL REPUBLIC leveraged the idea that most people want to believe in something bigger than themselves, and sound provided the ideal transmission through which to champion this cause. SOL REPUBLIC saw music has having the power to connect and inspire. It believed that songs could unite, move, inspire, and connect communities of people everywhere. It believed that music was the “Soundtrack to Our Lives,” and the brand even translated this notion into an acronym that would form the very foundation of SOL REPUBLIC.

Through a new line of great sounding headphones and audio accessories, the brand brought these ideas together through a network of brand advocates. In the process, it built an innovative loyalty program called the “SOLdiers of Sound.”

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