How Points for Engagement Drives Loyalty and Incremental Sales

Brands today have to contend with far more competition and greater distraction in the marketplace. Consumers are in control and marketers are devising new strategies to keep them engaged and loyal to their brands. Since numerous ways exist to access product information, offers, and reviews in real time on multiple devices, and across numerous channels, winning and retaining customer loyalty remains challenging.

Whether brands have an existing loyalty program, or are launching one for the rst time, it’s critical that they expand their loyalty strategy beyond rewarding customers with points for their spending habits. Companies today must expand their traditional programs and recognize consumers for engagement drivers. This concept is called Points for Engagement—a strategy used to incentivize and reward consumers for engaging with brands across all channels to deepen customer relationships. By implementing a multichannel loyalty approach, brands can capture consumers earlier in the buying cycle and convert passive browsers into active buyers.