How Meineke Drives the Right Message to the Right Customer at the Right Time
| January 01, 2017

Consumers spend more and more of their lives in the digital sphere. Because of this, a deluge of online promotions, product reviews, banner ads, and varied advertising maneuvers is becoming so commonplace that most marketing efforts are rendered virtually invisible. This is becoming a concern for customer engagement professionals who are trying to cut through all the digital “noise.”

Meineke is well aware of this problem, and it is also a brand that is making great strides on this front. Meineke exists as one of the car care industry’s leading automotive repair brands. However even with more than 900 franchise-based locations across the continent, Meineke faces massive competition, which can make winning customer loyalty particularly difficult. This is especially true when also factoring in the array of digital distractions that constantly assaults customers from all angles.

To overcome this problem, Meineke uses innovative consumer management technology that keeps the brand top-of-mind for drivers. Through a host of relevant, meaningful, and targeted communications, Meineke has made it possible to deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time. In addition to this highly targeted accuracy, Meineke also leverages deep and real-time customer understandings to deliver memorable experiences that build lasting relationships.

Assisted by Clutch, a purveyor of advanced consumer intelligence and omni-channel customer engagement solutions, Meineke brought these processes together, driving a consumer management platform that not only differentiated its customer experience, but also strengthened its position in the market. These relationships also positively impacted the brand’s new loyalty program, Meineke Rewards.

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