How a Dramatic Digital Transformation Redefined the Customer Experience of Dominos
| March 01, 2017

It is no secret that many brands are struggling today. Some are struggling to listen to and understand their customers. Some are struggling to connect with customers in relevant and meaningful ways. Still others are struggling to adopt the right technologies that can keep pace with the rapid evolution of changing customer behaviors. These customer engagement problems seem to transcend industries, and the brands that actually do succeed can be a guiding light to those also trying to find their way in an uncertain time. 

In this way, Domino’s Pizza serves as an ideal example of brand that adopted digital technology to reassert its relevancy in a very traditional and very static industry. From coast to coast, pizza restaurants are omnipresent, which has made this space hypercompetitive. And this is an environment that Domino’s understands well. As one of the leading American restaurant chains and top international franchise pizza delivery corporations, Domino’s knew that the only way it could succeed in a marketing landscape that was extremely competitive and rapidly evolving was to make heavy investments in digital technology and customer intelligence analytics. 

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