Going Mobile: 12 Strategies to Drive Engagement and Loyalty
The CrowdTwist Team | July 21, 2016

Loyalty programs make up a big business. In the U.S. alone, companies spend about $2 billion annually on loyalty programs. Yet loyalty initiatives today are evolving. They are becoming more sophisticated and integrated, enabling consumers to have a seamless experience across multiple touchpoints and channels. One channel in particular that’s commanding more attention is mobile.
Marketers are exploring new ways to interact with customers through mobile to drive greater engagement and loyalty. After all, 52 percent of consumers said mobile loyalty rewards and bene ts motivate them to purchase more often. Yet brands are still in the experimentation phase. Some 65 percent of brand marketers say they lack the IT resources for mobile loyalty integrations or admit they don’t have the expertise regarding how to launch a mobile loyalty program. To be effective, brands need to implement a phased approach and show the bene ts of how mobile delivers value to consumers. Here are 12 mobile strategies that companies are harnessing to engage customers, create relevance, and drive greater brand affnity.