Give More. Get More. The ROI of Customer Relationships  Loyalty

Companies invest a disproportionate share of their marketing budgets on the least valuable segment of their customers. As much as 80% of budgets are being allocated towards acquisition, yet:

  • existing customers account for almost 50% of total annual revenues and spend up to 8x more per transaction

  • to make up for the revenue impact of losing a single loyal customer, companies have to acquire approximately 5 new customers

Marketers need to reconsider how their marketing budgets measurably impact their companies’ bottom-line.

As you plan your budgets for 2013, think about how you might be able to:

  • Identify which channels, content and cross-channel interactions drive the greatest impact on your bottom line

  • Build a deeper understanding of each customer based on a combination of their brand engagement, social influence and spend

  • Simultaneously drive awareness, increase acquisition, improve retention, build loyalty, facilitate advocacy and measurably impact your revenues.

  • Increase the effective value of your existing investments across both acquisition and retention

By leveraging our revolutionary Customer Relationship & Loyalty Platform, clients have found a technology that’s measurably driving straight to their bottom-lines, while simultaneously providing their customers with an enhanced brand experience across every channel - online & off.