Five Steps to Hiring Employees for Customer Centricity and Cultural Fit
Matt Roddan, ORC International | February 19, 2015

How does an organization find and hire the right people to help build the company? In our recent study of over 800 HR professionals globally, 37 percent of organizations we surveyed plan to increase staff over the next 12 months, but 81 percent say they struggle to find the right personnel. Why? Because hiring qualified employees for customer centricity and fit is an intricate process.

Organizations who hire for customer centricity and cultural fit realize a positive impact in terms of decreased human capital costs, increased customer experience and higher profitability. Companies strive to hire employees who are a cultural match and demonstrate customer-centric behaviors, attitudes and a true desire to deliver a strong customer experience. Lasting success of the hiring process requires managers to understand what the organization needs, what the potential employee offers, and where the employee can go within the organization — all within the context of the business strategy.

Hiring the right people who stay for the long term will enhance the organizational culture, help deliver the business strategy and improve organizational performance; as well as decrease the costs of turnover — which can run between 30-50% for an entry level salary role and up to 400% for higher level positions. The wrong people will damage your customer brand and employer brand; create internal friction; and impact customer loyalty, spend, advocacy, and ultimately business performance.

In this article, ORC International guides you through five key steps for improving the recruiting process and hiring for success.

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