Deloitte Evolving Trends in Brand Loyalty and Customer Behavior
The Deloitte Team | December 14, 2022

Consumers continue to reinforce what they look for when it comes to loyalty. Brands can tailor their strategies and experiences to carve out a differentiated space with their loyalty members to propel their programs and drive engagement. But what do consumers want? 

Deloitte surveyed over 3,000 consumers in the U.S. across age, gender, race and religion to understand the impact loyalty programs have on brand preference and the importance of program features and benefits. What they discovered was now more than ever, it’s important for brands and retailers to account for changing consumer preferences to drive sustained engagement and value.  

In this report based on the learnings, Deloitte has uncovered 5 key findings on brand loyalty and consumer behavior:  

  1. Keep it simple 
  2. Provide meaningful experiences in exchange for personal data 
  3. Extend benefits through a well-integrated credit card 
  4. Let consumers opt-in for exclusivity 
  5. Help support mission-driven causes 
Read on to learn the five most important loyalty attributes, top factors that impact willingness to share personal information, and the top ways to incorporate personalization in a loyalty program. You will also learn about the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in brand perception and other factors that impact consumer satisfaction. 

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