Establishing True Relationship with Your Customers
Eric V. Holtzclaw, PossibleNOW | February 10, 2015

Consumers’ expectations have changed. They want control over their communication with companies and they expect personalized, relevant messages. Marketing departments, customer support organizations and sales teams are forced to constantly adapt to a shifting environment of technologies and modes for reaching their customers.

While reaching consumers is continuously impacted by new technologies and communication channels, the reasons a customer chooses a brand, participates in an experience or reacts to a marketing message doesn’t change.1 If companies take the time to understand what’s truly important to their customers, the choice of technology platform, communication method and message is easily determined and much more successful.

While companies are struggling to set up Facebook pages or determine their social media engagement strategy, it may be very likely their consumers have long moved on to something new. Without a deeper knowledge of their customers and what really drives their decisions, companies are always a step behind.

One successful way to listen to your customer is to collect preferences. This data provides a unique opportunity to hear directly from your customer. The method and mode by which preference collection can and should happen changes as quickly as the technologies available, the methods for communication and the type of messages being sent.

Some companies have recognized the importance of a seamless customer experience across all communication channels and have opted to create the preferences center as a centralized location for preference collection.

This whitepaper explores how collecting customer’s preferences provides companies with deeper insight into what’s important to their customers and allows their company to adapt more fl exibly to a changing technological environment. The goal is to share strategies and tools that result in higher customer engagement with brands.

This whitepaper is part of a research series that PossibleNOW is conducting to further the knowledge around customer engagement and to assist companies in creating strategies that are successful at creating and maintaining relationships with their customers.

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