Enterprise Customer Management

Place the customer at the center of every business decision and yield enterprise-wide success. Learn how a loyalty program’s data strategy can deliver enterprise-wide benefits and results. 

Enterprise Customer Management (ECM) at its core is an organizational wide approach to placing the customer at the center of all business decisions. By harnessing customer behavioral, transactional and social data many organizations are embracing this defined discipline to help inform optimal decision making across all facets of their enterprises. The benefits can be everlasting allowing brands to connect and be relevant with their most valued customers across all dimensions of their value proposition. 

Brands that use customer data strictly for marketing purposes are not maximizing the value of their data asset, and are certainly not amortizing the large cost they have incurred to build, launch and manage a customer loyalty program. This significant investment in data collection and utilization should be amortized across multiple areas of the business, in order to yield a far better return on investment. More specifically, a loyalty program’s data strategy should deliver enterprise-wide benefits and results. 

To really understand the efficacy of data across the enterprise, this paper takes a  look at the high-frequency retail sector, specifically grocery and pharmacy. Data can and should be used more broadly across organizations to better inform areas such as:

  • Merchandising
  • Operations & Customer Experience
  • Real Estate