Email Marketing Case Study: QR Codes in Physical World Generate Unprecedented Email Opt-In Rates of

VANCOUVER, British Columbia—RewardLoop, the company enabling secure card-less customer loyalty     transactions via mobile phones, today announced ListBuilder, a     revolutionary tool that enables merchants and service providers to     collect their target customers’ opt-in email addresses via mobile     phones. ListBuilder collects opt-in email addresses through QR codes     merchants display in-store, and which can be integrated into almost any     marketing piece. The platform’s signature ‘Scan and Win’ feature enables     a merchant to define prizes that customers can win in exchange for     opting-in to receive the merchant’s email marketing.

ListBuilder is a turnkey service designed for restaurants, retailers,      and service providers of any size. The service is self-activated and     deploys in a matter of minutes. ListBuilder includes:

1. A free QR code reader download service for merchants to provide to     their customers

2. A merchant-branded mobile website for collecting opt-in email     addresses

3. A random prize draw system for merchant-defined prizes

4. A mobile comment card feature for soliciting customer feedback

5. 20 custom QR codes linked to the merchant’s mobile website

A case study for ListBuilder at Prestons restaurant in Vancouver, BC,      saw opt-in rates of 5% to 8% of guests per day. By communicating with     personalized emails, Prestons expects to turn infrequent diners into     regulars, and increase traffic at off-peak times. “Since Prestons     launched ListBuilder, our opt-in email list has been growing at an     unprecedented rate,” says Prestons’ General Manager, Stephen Billyard.      “We are on-track to capture 3000 to 3500 email addresses per year, which     will have a direct and measurable impact on our bottom line. ListBuilder     has been a huge win for us.” The case study can be found at

Many merchants are using ListBuilder to take advantage of special     discounts being offered by the US Postal Service. During a QR code     promotion running July 1 – Aug 31, 2011, direct mail that includes a QR     code is eligible for a discount.

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